Chicago Weekend Lineup: Mar 9 - 12

If you're like me you've already started your weekend LAST night.  For the rest of you responsible human beings, here are this weekend's top events in Chi town.

Check the app for the rest - HAPPY HOURS, rooftop parties, Siamese Saxophone Serenades (??), and everything in between!


March Sadness Comedy Show

Friday @ 8pm:

Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

Casey Muessigmann

Friday @ 10pm:

Old Crow River North


Bad and Boozy St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl

Saturday at 4pm:

Northside Bar & Grille

J. Hogan’s Pub: An Irish Pop-Up


Saturday @ 4pm:

River Roast



St. Paddy's Brewery Kickoff

Sunday @ 12pm:

Begyle Brewing

Revolution Brewing Hero Brunch

Sunday @ 12pm:

Avondale Tap

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