Nightlife App Lets You SEE the Action at Bars & Clubs Across Chicago

Summertime Chi debauchery is coming to an iPhone near you.

The team at Current Nightlife has launched its iPhone App in Chicago, just in time to give you a glimpse into the summer fun at bars and clubs across the city.

Curious what that trendy rooftop bar is like tonight?  Trying to find the hottest day party on a Saturday?  Or maybe you're in Wrigley for the game and you're looking for the next bar.

Current ("Current Nightlife" on the App Store) lets you see what's happening at bars and clubs across the city in real-time.  The video platform is essentially a feed of activity for Chicago's nightlife community, allowing anyone (bar, promoter, or even you the patron) to post videos to a venue.  Current's map feature even lets you peek into the spot next door without lifting your beer.

The company is betting on real-time "nightlife discovery through video" as the missing technology component in the industry.

"Everyone still runs in to the same question - where do we go tonight?" says CEO Michael Haapaniemi.  "People want to know what's happening around town tonight.  What are the bars like right now?  What's happening at the different venues?  They want to know before they go."  The team suggests this problem has remained unsolved.  "There isn't one place I can go to find this information.  We're fixing that."

James Mason, Director of Promotions, explains that for discovery apps like Foursquare and Yelp, nightlife is just one of multiple focuses. "Reviews and prices are relevant for restaurants and other businesses, but for nightlife it's not enough. The 'one size fits all' approach leaves users in the dark about what they care most about - what the place is like tonight." 

Bars are catching on too.  "The platform creates a marketing channel for venues that's never really existed before," explains Vincent Lujan, Director of Partnerships and nightclub owner.  "By posting to Current, venues get exposure to everyone looking in at the moment they're trying to decide where to go."  

Vincent says bars and clubs can use Current to put their parties on the map.  "You're not limited to the people who follow you like other platforms - with Current you get in front of everyone.  It's a great tool to get new people familiar with your venue."

The app is focused on Chicago for the time being, and plans to expand to other cities soon, as well as onto the Android platform.  

If you're interested in following the action this summer, download Current Nightlife on the App Store, or check out their website.