Chicago Nightlife Industry Features the Current App at PRYSM Nightclub

Have you ever heard of industry night? Nope, neither have I. I didn’t even know an event like that occurred in the real world.  

Industry night is when the owners and employees of Chicago bars and nightclubs around the city get together and have one huge gathering celebrating their successes at the fabulous, hip, trendy spots they work at.

 current nightlife app bars & clubs Chicago

The soirée took place at PRYSM, one of the city’s hottest nightclubs, located at 1543 North Kingsbury. Guess who was featured? Current. That’s right, your Chicago nightlife app was flashing all over the screen being welcomed by their friends in the industry. The place was packed with stilettos and suites. At the large table with the huge sign reading Current Nightlife sat the team.

“The excitement was real about Current Nightlife,” Michael Haapaniemi, CEO of Current Nightlife, said. “They had their friends back home watching the party unfold on the App.”

The party was a success. Current is continuing on planning other events to grow their name and to be a top app in the app store. Download Current Nightlife to see their awesome ideas being implemented around the city. You don’t want to miss it. Stay tuned.