Whiskey and Wine Festival at Montrose Beach on June 24th

This Saturday, Players Sports Group hosted the Whiskey and Wine festival on Montrose Beach. Attendees strolled from booth to booth to sample various brands of whiskey and wine. Expanding beyond the festival’s name, guests could also sample beer, tequila and vodka from large alcohol distributors like Budlight and Smirnoff.

Current Nightlife also sponsored the event and gave away free koozies and shot glasses. Drinks, live music, games, and free Current swag drew friends and festivals go-ers to the booths.

Current executives James Mason and Michael Haapaniemi challenged their app users to beat them in life-size beer pong. To win, players had to expertly hurl volley balls into large, standing bins. Competition aside, the crowd was excited to learn more about Current and all that the nightlife app has to offer.

To keep the conversation going, meet up with Current and Chicago's favorite pup, Porter the Golden, on July 8th. The location is a secret, and will only be revealed on the Current Nightlife App on July 8th.