Press Kit

Welcome! We put this kit together to make your life a bit easier!  Call us at 713.304.7552 or email us at with any questions.

Visual Assets

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Sample Content

"Nightlife App lets you SEE the Action at Bars & Clubs Across Chicago" :  Link

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Basic Info


Real-time nightlife discovery through video.  Think Yelp meets Snapchat Stories - for bars & clubs.


We noticed a real information problem with the nightlife industry. 

People want to know what bars & clubs are like before they go - where's the action tonight?  Bars & clubs want to advertise what's happening at their spot to get people through the doors.

There is a disconnect as people can't turn to an existing platform to find this information.  Current is designed to bridge this information gap.


CEO / Founder:  Michael Haapaniemi

Director of Partnerships / Cofounder: Vincent Lujan

Director of Promotions / Cofounder:  James Mason

Marketing Analyst:  Brooke Shulman


Founded: 2016

Available on the App Store: April 2017.


Platform:  iOS only (Android coming soon)

Product Launch Market: Chicago.

Our office:  WeWork Kinzie, 20 W Kinzie St, Floor 17, Chicago, IL 60654


  • Real-time nightlife discovery
  • Find the action tonight
  • See what the city's up to tonight
  • Yelp meets snapchat stories - for nightlife